Uni dating

Just when you think you’ve learnt the laws of dating, they go and change every last rule in the book.Teenagers today have grown up in a culture where television sitcoms dissect the “third date rule” and pop songs talk of true love.Instead, get used to a world where couples “see each other”, exes “have a history” and casual dating means “we have a thing”. There are no early-morning starts, plenty of opportunities for drunken liaisons, and hundreds of possible partners - all of whom spend their days reading, snacking on toast and hanging out in groups for hours on end.

Because it is the only isotope that covers the important age range of 50 to 1,000 years, the noble gas radioisotope Ar is highly interesting for dating in ground water research, oceanography and glacier research.A Heidelberg physics project funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) will focus on a new type of dating method for use in the earth and environmental sciences.The research team will deploy a special radioactive isotope of the noble gas argon (Ar) for the purpose of water dating.If one of you works up the nerve to ask the other one out, it's probably the sage move of coffee at a uni cafe or a drink at the uni bar.As much as it might feel like a date, you can bet you’ll still be asking yourself“Is this just a friends catch up?!

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