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I've met Salamander beings and I've met Greys, various different types of Greys. I've actually seen people that can shape shift from human looking to Reptilians. I've had numerous of them where they've shown me around various ships.

Part of my mission is to help people get to the ships that need to be on the ships.'There's a lot of what you would consider updating when it comes to with what's happening to planet Earth and when strategies have to change then many of the Starseeds that are here on special missions are taken to the ships where they are then informed of the changes in the strategies and so forth of what is going to be happening in the future. And we're supposed to be as a species moving in evolutionarily speaking into a lighter dimension actually. And the Zeta beings that often are experienced as abduction, experiences are here specifically, they were asked to help with this process because they're actually experts in genetic, I'd say manipulation, but it's really not what they would call it.

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When you are tired of the same old porn actors doing the same old things these web videos can be a refreshing break from the norm.'My interviews barely break the surface of what is going on in their lives ... I'm not an analyst, my questions are not intended to find answers but to allow people to tell us their stories. They all have their own personalities and their own purposes. I've met Andromedans, the Assyrian Warriors of Light. My job primarily is to awaken the Starseeds to remember why they're here on planet Earth.'I have communication with beings of all different races.When I was in my thirties I found out from my father the truth about a government experiment that I was part of in which they were using other alien DNA to create me. I've had communication with Reptilians as well as those that look like werewolves. I've also had communication with the human looking ones, with Ashtar, with Sananda, with Archangel Michael.Prolonged or intense exposure to pornography causes the brain to wire itself in ways that can create negative effects in a person’s life, such as sexual dysfunction, addiction, and other related problems.For more information, see No Fap’s is the term coined by recovering porn users for the process of abstaining from pornography, masturbation, and sometimes orgasm altogether for a sufficient duration to recover from these negative effects.

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