Scary intimidating music

She doesn't carry any sweater, she can steal one if needed.

If you were a fighter, what would your entrance music be?

So far all I've got is that she wears a leather jacket over a hoodie, as well as a beanie and sunglasses. Like you said, she shaved her head so she can see better and so she doesn't have to worry about hair in her face. Once again, dirt in war paint on her face, and a cut lip.

Her head is shaved in a buzz cut, she wears a holster that clearly displays a gun, and she always has a lit cigarette in her mouth. She needs a lot more bada$$ accessories and clothing. When I think of bad-*** female character in the apocalypse this is what I think. She's wearing a tight tank top, in dark green or something dark.

The piano score of Candyman is so innocent yet totally creepy at the same time.

There's something very clown-like with the score that makes us uneasy.

But piracy in the far future, when presented as vividly as in this story, can be scary stuff.

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You can almost sense ghosts surrounding you when this song plays.In my post-apocalyptic story, my female antagonist has to look tough because the world is brutal and savage.What are some good accessories for her to wear that say "don't mess with me"?While every other entry here is either from a horror movie or relates to the death in some way, The X-Files was all about the paranormal.We've gotten over the fact that Fox Mulder is now a middle-aged sex addict on Californication, but the theme of The X-Files is still keeping us on our toes.

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