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(Painting by Ferrara) American Indian Dogs were invited to show at the first rare breed show in Beverly Hills (70s).

AIDogs were then invited to participate in the First Rare breed show, on the White House lawn(80s).

We are proud of the number of counties, which have adopted our dogs and are pleased with the way they have been absorbed into their new environment and cultures.

There are nine Native Dogs of Ireland, two Hounds – Irish Wolfhound and Kerry Beagle, three Gundogs – Irish Water Spaniel, Irish Red Setter and Irish Red & White Setter, four Terriers – Irish Terrier, Irish Glen of Imaal Terrier, Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, Kerry Blue Terrier.

CAUTION: Within the last few years, since wolf/dogs have become illegal to breed or sell in most states, there have been wolf/dog breeders plagiarizing our many years of research and web site information in an attempt to hide their activites, and circumvent the law.

We are not and never have been associated, in any way, with these "so called" breeders now using the name "Native" in front of American Indian to sell what are actually wolf/dog hybrids.

The dog breeding section is full of useful information on dog breeds and responsible breeding if you are considering becoming a breeder and we hope established dog breeders will use it as a reference tool as well.

Create your personalised planner for your life with your Kennel Club Registered dog with My KC.

Search dog friendly places and clubs near you and receive automatic reminders about vet checks, special offers and more.

It is still in a vulnerable position but has gained recognition from all major kennel clubs.

The function of setters is to find and locate game by quartering ground as it searches for the scent carried in the wind by birds such as grouse, partridge, pheasant or snipe. As it gallops in its quest to seek scent, its head is carried high.

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