Intimidating body posture

Here are 18 gestures, with advice for reading them from a team of experts in nonverbal communication. It is often a cue people use to tell you something is wrong, says author Lydia Ramsey: They want you to ask them what they're thinking.

But it might mean: She disapproves of or disagrees with what you're saying. What the experts say: "This almost always means something negative," says trial lawyer Maria Katrina Karos.

Men may also do this when they feel insecure around another male.

In their famous 1960 presidential debate, Richard Nixon crossed his arms when talking to John F.

But it might mean: She is frustrated, doesn't like you, or doesn't respect you.

What the experts say: "Eye rolling is one of the nonverbal signs that is pretty much always aggressive," says executive coach Steve Watts.

This behavior, which helps to calm and soothe us, serves the same purpose as wringing our hands—only more so.

Commanding body language is an essential business tactic and has been studied for years--but mastering it can be a challenge.I hear it all the time: If you cross your arms, you are blocking others out and sending a negative message. You have probably noticed that you cross your arms more frequently in public than in private. Let’s examine this often maligned, little understood, yet very useful behavior a little closer and see if we can add a little clarity: The Self Hug.This can help build trust and lead to more effective negotiations. Remember to Smile It's important that the environment doesn't get too intense.For the deal to be successful, it will most likely be a long-lasting relationship, and that can't happen if it's not friendly between both sides. Keep an Open Posture Keep yourself pleasant and appealing.

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