Hagstrom serial dating

It really all started with the PB24G or Hagstrom 1, a model with traces of the P46 and Standard models In USA it started off as a "KENT" brand, in the UK "FUTURAMA" by Selmer Staying in the style of the two models shown above from the Hagstrom UK collection for many batches, then changing style with the change from Single Coil to Humbucking PU's (The Fab HIIN) Then finally before bringing things to a close, there was the Partner.

If the file has been modified from its original state, some details such as the timestamp may not fully reflect those of the original file.The minute you lay your hands on a Hagstrom and strum it for the first time, you can instantly feel why Hagstrom has legions of devoted fans and why so many pro musicians have made it their “number one”. Hagstrom guitars are also known for their playing comfort and tonal versatility, the result of design innovations such as our aerospace engineered H-Expander™ truss rod, Resinator™ fingerboard, custom wound pickups, and unique hardware.The Hagstrom features contribute to that distinct and unmatched sound, which has jumpstarted many careers around the world.H12 Hagstrom/Kent/PB-24-G HIII HII HIIN-OT HIII SCANDI The Hagstrom UK collection (That H-III went..I finally found another good one!) ..yes, the Scandi would have been the replacement for the HIII had the marketing succeeded!

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