Dating male models

We're not sure if we're experiencing with Disqus problems again : S or our posts were just too boring so you guys didn't comment ^^;; please comment as much as you can today (on the recent posts) so we can see if disqus is restored or not : S Japanese model Taiki Takahashi Korean model Noah Noah promotes more overseas than in our country Taiki came to our country, but he also worked in Paris, Milan, London, Japan, etc. they're a Japan X Korea couple they principally communicate through Japanese mixed with English Taiki kinda reminds me of a mix between Oh Hyuk and Beenzino (more pics in the link) 6. Any woman can walk up to one of these men and tell them they're hot.If you really want to know how to get a date with a male model, or at least his attention, tell him he's brilliant.

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on the one hand, I totally get why he is doing it (the money is good, he needs the money = it's a smart choice, and there are worse professions). At the end of the day, its you choice and you know if you are seeing red flags. Back on the first hand, he's a great guy, and who am I (a cocktail waitress at a strip club) to judge? The one I dated for over a year, was the most beautiful guy on the face of the earth (tall 6'3", east indian, beautiful face, hair)... He simply fell into that line of work from a young age and stayed there because he enjoyed the money it provided.

they magnify every single physical flaw of theirs to outrageous proporations.

It makes me wonder how they see someone like me, who is far, far from their level of attractiveness.

TIA for helping me flesh out a future to which I can aspire (that is, making some money to cover up my ugly and then finding a model, following in Howard Stern's footsteps).

It always amazes me how unhappy some of them are, and how much they criticize their own looks, like thinking how "fat" they are (as they stand there with a 28" waiste and an 8-pack abs)...

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